3 Way Ball Valve

3 Way Ball Valve

Three Way (3 Way) Ball Valves are used to divert the flow of fluid. They come in Flange End or Screwed end configurations and can be either L or T Type. They can be supplied either with a handle or with a common lever. Optionally a pressure equalization line can also be provided. Two such valves can be coupled together by a common lever to work simultaneously and are known as Double 3-way valve or 3-Way Double Valve. These valves can be supplied in various configurations as shown under Product Specifications.

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Applicable Standards

Design standard: ISO17292/ API 6D
Testing standard: BS6755/ API598
Pressure-Temperature rating: ASME B-16.34
Flange Dimensions: ASME B16.5/ DIN

Product Specification

Size 1/2" - 10" (DN15- DN250)
Class 150#, 300#, PN10, PN16
Material WCB, CF8M (SS316), CF8(SS304), Duplex SS, Inconel, Hastelloy
Port Full Port
End connection Flanged End (ANSI/ DIN)
Operation Manual (Lever / Operating Flange) / Actuated (Gear / Pneumatic / Electrical)
Configuration L-Port / T-Port
Optional Features Pressure Equalization Line

Features that Add value

Wide range of seat and seal materials Investment casting used to obtain desired shape of product.
Full port Available with Pressure Equalization (PE) line which is on request.
Anti-static device on request Bolted body
Long working life Available in L or T-port type.
Low Operating torque
Wide size range-- 1/2" -10" in a host of MOC. Standard actuator mounting pad in all sizes. Low Operating Torque. Special Upstream sealing Seat Design to avoid Upseating the ball during pressure testing. Options available to connect two valves for simultaneous operation for filters and heat exchangers

Advantages: Valves can be customized for unique customer requirements like Bottom entry ball valve to connect opposite ports with only 90 degree rotation-- Very useful for pneumatic and electrical actuation.


L-Port Configuration

T-Port Configuration